10 Most Inspiring Quotes From The Book of Ichigo Ichie

Ichigo Ichie: What we are experiencing right now will never happen again. In this mad rush of a life, where we are busy chasing our dreams, accomplishing our goals, checking off items in our to-do list and catering to a sea of responsibilities, it is important for us to pause, switch off and just be... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF TEA – A Must Read For All Booklovers ðŸµ

International Tea Day special Book Of Tea Author: Okakura Kakuzō Originally Published: 1906 Sometimes certain books happen to you, and The Book of Tea was one that found me and swallowed me whole! With beautiful descriptions of tea ceremonies, tea rooms and all things tea, it took me on a beautiful journey of self-discovery aided... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight: LIANE MORIARTY

In my reading journey, there was a time when I had decided not to experiment with new authors. After a couple of too many misses than hits and tired from one too many disappointing reads, I had made up my mind to stick to the authors whose works I had read and whose writing style... Continue Reading →

5 Years of Simply Bookalicious! ðŸŽŠ

On a fateful May afternoon, back in 2016, when an extremely nervous me set out to put my thoughts on all things books out on the open, never did I think that this blog would be celebrating its half a decade anniversary today! 5 years! 5 long and beautiful years of amazing books and reading... Continue Reading →

Married At First Swipe

What's not to love about this book! The cool, quirky title, the brilliant cover art and of course, the charming tale of two best friends and their insane, desperate attempts at saving their business, what do I say, it was love at first read for me! ❣️ The book centers around the idea of a... Continue Reading →

10 Best Hilarious Reads To Help Relieve Covid Anxiety

In a pre - corona infested world, I would have been happy about today being a Friday and rejoiced with all sorts of weekend related hashtags but our circumstances are vastly different now, isn't! The weekends doesn't seem any different from the weekdays and with so much of fear, anxiety, frustration and disappointment floating around... Continue Reading →

Klara And The Sun

Reading took a bit of a backseat the last month, with prose and poetry writing having taken up a major chunk of my time. Though I started off reading many books with great aplomb, I could only finish one, but what a thoroughly enjoying and enthralling read it was! My first ever novel by Kazuo... Continue Reading →

What’s Left Of Me Is Yours

The things people do today to get a divorce! Can you imagine there is an entire industry in Japan devoted to breaking up marriages by seducing one of the partners into an affair? 'Wakaresaseya' or the practice of hiring professional homewreckers, is a convenient and trouble-free option for those seeking to divorce but choosing to... Continue Reading →

What Are You Going Through

'What are you going through?', a seemingly simple question but one that makes a world of difference. While honouring her dying friend's last wish, the author is forced to face and embrace the harsh truths of life hitherto overlooked but no longer avoidable. Without meaning to, she embarks on a quest to uncover the meaning... Continue Reading →

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