Book Review: The Wedding Night

I just finished an incredibly hilarious yet heartwarmingly beautiful book, one I devoured in 3 days! It was so good that I wish it didn't have to end! There are only a handful of books that leaves with you feeling satisfied ! For me, this new novel "The Wedding Night" by Sophie Kinsella is definitely one of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Acting Up

So, Its 9.36 a.m. on a Sunday morning, my baby is fast asleep and I finally have some much needed me-time! Isn't that great?! I'm am determined to put this time to good use and talk about the latest book I'm reading! Oh! The simple joys of life!! No. That's not the name of the book. That's... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Don’t Tell The Groom

I read an awesome book this week. It's called Don't tell the groom! The theme of this book is based on the famous US show, "Don't tell the bride". I never knew such a show existed till I read the book. The concept of the show is quite simple! The bridegroom has to organize every... Continue Reading →

Book Review: What To Do When Someone Dies

Let me tell you about the latest crime novel I read - "What to do when someone dies" by Nicci French. This is the first book I have read by the writing duo of Nicci Gerard and Sean French and I must say, I was quite impressed! A true page-turner, this is by far one of the best... Continue Reading →

Book Review: I Will Walk Alone

I read so many books and watched so many movies this last week, it was like a crazy marathon! And now, it's time for me to individually review each book and deliver my final verdict! 😛 So, I ll begin with my most favorite mystery author, Mary Higgins Clark's novel.. I will walk alone. A gripping... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Not Another New Year’s

Sweet yet naive Hannah Davis takes a vacation to Colorado to forget her dreaded past and make a fresh start in life. Her childhood sweetheart and boyfriend of many years, Duncan, cheated on her and married someone else behind her back, while they were still engaged. Desperate to move away from the sympathetic glances of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Princess From The Past

Hola! It's time for yet another book review! Having resisted the urge to read Mills &Boon for a long time,  I finally gave in during my last visit to the library, and picked this book called "Princess from the Past". Why did I choose that book? For starters, I was running out of time and therefore... Continue Reading →

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