Book Review: The Funny Thing Is…

Here's a review of one of the most hyped up, tedious, 'why on earth did I ever pick this up' book that has ever existed in this planet! I'm referring to Ellen Degeneres's "The funny thing is...". I think its quite common for people in show business to publish books on their life, career secrets,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: My man, Jeeves

I have always had a fascination for P G Wodehouse's novels. Ever since I had a glimpse into one of his stories courtesy of my grade 8 English textbook, I have always wanted to read his books. While learning one of the short stories from his Novel 'Carry on Jeeves', I remember laughing out loud a lot... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Ransom My Heart

What drew me to this book is the fact this is authored by none other than Ms. Mia Thermopolis! Remember Mia from the 'Princess Diaries'? Seems the princess has enough free time to write a book (I don't have time to write even a book review! Not complaining!). And I must say here, the book was... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Fire And The Rain

This review is long overdue and it's about time that I tell you how I felt after reading this brilliant piece of work written by Girish Karnad! I found this little gem in my Grandfather-in-law's treasure trove! Krishnan Appuppan has a wonderful collection of books and my head literally swoons every time I go near his bookshelf! I am a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: 50 Shades of Grey

When I first started reading 50 shades of Grey, I thought this was just another run of the mill romance. In fact, it had all the elements of one - a naive and (unbelievably) innocent girl who's never been swept off her feet before and a rich, mysterious business tycoon who's been dubbed "the world's... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Do You Come Here Often

They say, 'don't judge a book by its cover' but I'm a sucker for books that are beautifully designed or has a pretty  cover art! On many occasions, I find myself being lured by the book cover into picking it up, flipping through it and sometimes, purchase it! This book, 'Do You Come Here Often'... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Nanny

Hey there!!! I'm back to talk about another interesting book that made me smile and laugh (and cry... a lot) so much so that I'm still reeling from the after effects of reading it - a beautiful novel by Melissa Nathan (God, I love that woman!!) called "The Nanny". I absolutely enjoyed reading 'The Nanny' -... Continue Reading →

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