My All-time Favorite Chick-Lit Authors!

Who doesn’t love a good chick-lit book? Actually, chick-lit isn’t the right term. These books should be called Wit-lit and not chick-lit but that’s another topic for another day. Most people perceive chick-lits as frivolous and trashy but that’s not me. For me, chick-lits are more than just boy-meet-girl stories. While I enjoy books of all genre, I have to admit, there is something about chick-lits that draws me back in every time. Sometimes, when life gets a little too messy or slightly boring for my taste, these are the books I take refuge in, for they are filled with such hope, humour and energy that it is incredibly fun to read them. In their pages are characters I can relate to, plots I have sometimes experienced and an adventure that makes me want to believe and revel in the magic of life. These books never fail to fill my heart, lift my spirits and bring a smile to my lips.

So, if you crave for some excitement in your lives, these are the authors you should turn to! Their books will provide you with a peaceful oasis and an escape into another world. Their plots and characters feel so full and real that the stories will stay fresh in your mind long after you have completed the book. Trust me, these authors will never disappoint you!

Now, I’ll try not get into a long saga about each author or why they have made it to my top list. I want you to read and discover for yourself, the life-changing magic of each of their books. But I would be remiss if I don’t at least narrate the tale of how each of these authors came into my lives. In fact, I have arranged these authors in the order of when I was introduced to them. I hope that after reading this post, you will give these authors a chance and find the same beauty and inspiration that drew me to their books. So, without further delay, here’s presenting:

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