The Read – Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with your Kids

I can never imagine a life without books. How can I ever put into words how I feel about books or how much they mean to me!? Books are not just my happy place, it’s my whole life.

So, as a bookish person, the thing I want most to pass on to my daughter is my undying love and unquenchable thirst for books. The only question was, how do I get this done? Well, getting her age appropriate books and reading them aloud is one way. But now, the question remained: what is the best way to go about it? I was worried that in my quest to get her to love books the way I do, I would only drive her away from it if I do it the wrong way.

At such a time, it seemed almost serendipitous to chance upon this little gem of a book titled, “The Read Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with your Kids” by Sarah Mackenzie. Drawing from her own experiences of reading aloud to her 6 kids, she points out some of the best and effective ways to instill a love for reading among young children without making it a dry and boorish chore.

An insightful book packed with thought – provoking bits of wisdom, wit and advice, Sarah Mackenzie busts the many reading myths and talks about the importance of creating a read aloud culture in families. The book brings out a strong message without being preachy or pompous in any way. The conversational style of writing makes it a fun and engaging read. In the end, I’m one happy reader. Not only did I enjoy the read, I’m also taking back with me some very practical and useful tips on making reading a joyful activity for my little one.

I’ll be sure to revisit this book again. I would highly recommend this book to all passionate bookworms longing to spark a love for reading among their children.

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