More Than Enough: Claiming Space For Who You Are (No Matter What They Say)

I loved, loved, loved this book. What an impactful and thought  – provoking read it was! Everyone knows Elaine Welteroth as an award winning journalist and the youngest Editor in Chief in Condè Nast history.  But very few know about her rise to the top. In her powerful and searingly honest memoir, Elaine opens up about what it means to be black in a white person’s world; trying to find her identity and carve a place for herself while combatting the ubiquitous politics of race.

I wish I had read this in my early twenties, when I was struggling with issues of self esteem, always lacking the courage to speak up, caving in to other people’s demands and expectations,  doubting my abilities, second guessing every decision and questioning the viability of my dreams.  This book would have dispelled many of my insecurities and fears and lit up my path to see the way forward. But having come into my own now, I could relate to many of her experiences, all the while admiring her grit and tenacity while fighting the odds.

This isn’t a self help book. She offers no advice or tips on how to overcome barriers or shatter glass ceilings or find the courage to pursue one’s dreams. But by sharing her entire life journey and reflecting on all her experiences – the highs and the lows, the opportunities and lessons, the setbacks and successes, she leads by example for every single person out there who clings to their vision, believes in the impossible and are determined to make their dreams a reality, come what may.

This has been one of my best reads of 2019 and a book I’ll keep revisiting for sure. I urge you, do read this book and feel its powerful words weave magic in your life. As I was writing this post, these beautiful lines from the book kept coming to my mind. I’ll close my review with this, hoping that these words will sink deep into your heart:

“When you get lost, it’s okay to stop, to look up, to look within for the answers – they are always there. And when the world tells you to shrink, expand.  


You have done enough.  You are enough. You were born enough.  

The world is waiting on you.”



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