The Path Made Clear

The moment you lay hands on an Oprah Winfrey book, you know you’re in for a deep, soulful read, that gently nudges you along a spiritual path and challenges you to rethink your way to the good life. For me, Oprah’s books have always been a treasury of wisdom and this one is no different! In her latest book, “The Path Made Clear”, Oprah brings to us a collection of endearing, heartfelt advice and thought provoking quotes from famous people from all over the world who listened to their inner voice and channelled their passion into lives’ purpose. Every one of these individuals have faced an adversity of some kind and their stories of overcoming the major plot twists in their lives was truly uplifting and inspiring. I loved how candid they all were in sharing their experiences so openly, be it suffering, guilt, pain, confusion, shame, anger or regret. And wedged between these chapters were Oprah’s own snippets of inspiration where she recounts some of the biggest lessons she’s learnt over the course of her professional and personal journey.

Though this book can be finished quickly, I took my time with it, paying close attention to each message, savouring the words of wisdom and reflecting on their significance to my life.

So if you’re an Oprah fan or you’re in the mood for some soul filled conversations and insightful messages, this is the book for you. ❣️

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