A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

It’s been some time since I’ve lost myself in a crime thriller as good and absorbing as this one.

As a part of her EPQ, when Pippa Fitz-Amobi sought to review the role of media in the events leading to Sal Singh’s suicide following the murder of Andie Bell five years ago, little did she know that she would end up embarking on an even bigger quest of uncovering the truth.

An absolutely riveting read from get-go, Holly Jackson has woven a suspenseful mystery with dark and devious secrets that is sure to keep one guessing until the very end. I loved the style of narration, where the truth of what happened to Andie Bell is unravelled through production logs, interview transcripts, police records, persons of interest file and other pieces of documentation maintained by Pippa for her project. Holly Jackson takes the reader along the journey, making them feel as much a part of the investigation as the main characters, who add an interesting element to the story. Pippa was exactly how a fiesty 17 year old would be and I loved being in her head as she struggled to prove the innocence of Sal Singh, whom she has known since childhood. Whereas characters of Indian descent are mostly relegated to the side without much of a role to play in the main story, I was happy to see the depth in the characterisation of Ravi Singh, who was accorded as much importance as the protagonist. In a very subtle way, Holly Jackson has also touched upon the issue of racial discrimination and how such biases tends to affect and alter the course of police investigations.

Overall, it was a great read I enjoyed every minute of!
5 🌟

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