What’s Left Of Me Is Yours

The things people do today to get a divorce! Can you imagine there is an entire industry in Japan devoted to breaking up marriages by seducing one of the partners into an affair? ‘Wakaresaseya’ or the practice of hiring professional homewreckers, is a convenient and trouble-free option for those seeking to divorce but choosing to avoid confrontation. The fact that such a business exists was truly news to me but what is even more interesting is that these services, illegal as they are, claims to have a 95% success rate! Stephanie Scott’s brilliantly written debut novel takes a deep look at a wakaresaseya gone wrong.

An emotionally gripping tale of love and betrayal inspired by a true story, “What’s Left Of Me Is Yours” dissects the events that led to the murder of Rina Sato following an affair with Kaitaro, who was hired by her husband to create incriminating evidence against her to win full custody of their child, Sumiko. Told through multiple points of view alternating between the past and present, this part love story and part thriller explores the darker side of love and desire and the price one has to pay for believing in happily ever afters.

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