Klara And The Sun

Reading took a bit of a backseat the last month, with prose and poetry writing having taken up a major chunk of my time. Though I started off reading many books with great aplomb, I could only finish one, but what a thoroughly enjoying and enthralling read it was!

My first ever novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, I was completely immersed in the dystopian world governed by artificial intelligence and ultra efficient robots where the story is set. Klara, the protagonist, is an AF (artificial friend) eagerly looking forward to be chosen by a child, whom she can assist. Her happiness knows no bounds when she gets taken home by Josie, a cheerful teenager suffering from a chronic illness. Klara’s experiences at Josie’s home sets the background for the novel.

Klara truly won my heart. Her innocence is both laudable as well as heart-rending. Her qualities of thoughtfulness, perceptibility and observance makes her almost human like and yet, her inability to discern the lies and malice that hides beneath the surface reminds us of her steel and wire origin. Told in first person, Klara’s factual and dispassionate reporting of events makes us readers shiver with anxiety, especially when she’s faced with situations exposing the true evil nature of humans. Needless to say, this has been an un-put-down-able and satisfying read from start to finish!

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