Married At First Swipe

What’s not to love about this book! The cool, quirky title, the brilliant cover art and of course, the charming tale of two best friends and their insane, desperate attempts at saving their business, what do I say, it was love at first read for me! ❣️

The book centers around the idea of a “blind marriage” that Hannah, who recently moved back to her hometown, comes up with, to prevent her childhood friend, Jess’s entrepreneurial venture from sinking. In this, Hannah entrusts Jess with the monumental task of finding her a partner, who she doesn’t get to meet until the wedding day. Hannah has always wanted her happily ever after, just like Jess who found her soulmate in Tom, her husband of 20 years. Who better than Jess to help Hannah find her one true love! But when Jess’s own marriage is a crumbling mess, is she really the right person to find Hannah a life partner?

I found the premise of a blind marriage to be both intriguing and terrifying! To jump headfirst into an alliance with someone you have no idea about, to not know what they look like, or where they come from, their families or even their last name and yet, agree to say ‘I do’ at the altar! For someone who likes to be pre-prepared and well-informed, I could never walk into a life-altering event as marriage with my eyes closed.

Even though the adventure seeking Hannah was the one who originally suggested a blind marriage, it was amusing and heart-rending to see her wrestling with emotions as the D-Day approached when her initial excitement eventually gives way to confusion, indecision, anxiety and fear at the thought of marrying an absolute stranger. The author has brought out those nuances beautifully and realistically without making it too dramatic. I also loved the way the issue of Jess’s marriage was dealt with. It’s funny isn’t, how the people you can’t live without are the very ones driving you up the wall! Marriage, motherhood and running a business from scratch calls for multitasking skills of another level; I could fully relate to her struggles with parental guilt.

It’s hard to come by books such as ‘Married At First Swipe‘, which are witty and entertaining with just the right dose of romance and drama. A perfect 5 star read!

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