THE BOOK OF TEA – A Must Read For All Booklovers 🍵

🌟 International Tea Day special 🌟

▪️Book Of Tea 🍵

▪️Author: Okakura Kakuzō

▪️Originally Published: 1906

Sometimes certain books happen to you, and The Book of Tea was one that found me and swallowed me whole! With beautiful descriptions of tea ceremonies, tea rooms and all things tea, it took me on a beautiful journey of self-discovery aided by its Zen and Taoist philosophies.

An already tea obsessed person whose mind and brain refuses to function without the first cup of tea in the morning, this book made me fall in love with tea all over again and made me want to visit Japan for its tea ceremony! It made me crave for my own tea room where I can indulge in tea every now and then. It was interesting to explore the role of tea in the ancient times than the product we are familiar with today. It exemplifies the idea that having a cup of tea is about appreciating the greatness in the small, simple things in life! Also, the myths and legends involving different Chinese dynasties, each one bearing a certain significance on tea, deepened the reader’s delight in me!

I would definitely recommend this book to all for two reasons; one, the book goes beyond Tea. It helps one understand and admire (and sometimes even crave for) the Japanese way of life. Two, the book makes one pause and think in many places, and appreciate the beauty of the simple pleasures of life! That experience is truly something! ❣️

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