10 Most Inspiring Quotes From The Book of Ichigo Ichie

Ichigo Ichie: What we are experiencing right now will never happen again.

In this mad rush of a life, where we are busy chasing our dreams, accomplishing our goals, checking off items in our to-do list and catering to a sea of responsibilities, it is important for us to pause, switch off and just be still. To be lost in silence, to feel the moment and making the most of it, is indeed the need of the hour.

Here’s bringing to you some much needed dose of calm and serenity through these quotes borrowed from The Book of Ichigo Ichie, a beautifully inspiring and soothing read that will teach the art of living every moment the Japanese way.

⦿ “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

⦿ “If you don’t like reality, create another where you can live.”

⦿ “If you don’t seize the moment, it will be lost forever.”

⦿ “Whether we are alone or in the company of loved ones, the best way to overcome difficulty is by giving ourselves the gift of a beautiful experience that shows the bright side of life.”

⦿ “Having problems is part of being alive. It is our difficulties and how we face them, more than our periods of contentment, that shapes us throughout the course of our lives.”

⦿ “If we want to be able to look back on our lives with happiness and nostalgia, we can’t allow the present to be just a succession of days. We have the magic of our will to turn every encounter into something.”

⦿ “In a world full of conflicts, we need more than ever to stop navel gazing and become more connected to other people. Practicing attention and awareness together can save the world.”

⦿ “Dwell in the present. Journeys into the past and the future are often painful and nearly useless. You can’t change what happened. You can’t know what will happen. But here in this moment, all the possibilities in the world are alive.”

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