10 Most Inspiring Quotes From The Book of Ichigo Ichie

Ichigo Ichie: What we are experiencing right now will never happen again. In this mad rush of a life, where we are busy chasing our dreams, accomplishing our goals, checking off items in our to-do list and catering to a sea of responsibilities, it is important for us to pause, switch off and just be... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF TEA – A Must Read For All Booklovers 🍵

International Tea Day special Book Of Tea Author: Okakura Kakuzō Originally Published: 1906 Sometimes certain books happen to you, and The Book of Tea was one that found me and swallowed me whole! With beautiful descriptions of tea ceremonies, tea rooms and all things tea, it took me on a beautiful journey of self-discovery aided... Continue Reading →

Married At First Swipe

What's not to love about this book! The cool, quirky title, the brilliant cover art and of course, the charming tale of two best friends and their insane, desperate attempts at saving their business, what do I say, it was love at first read for me! ❣️ The book centers around the idea of a... Continue Reading →

Klara And The Sun

Reading took a bit of a backseat the last month, with prose and poetry writing having taken up a major chunk of my time. Though I started off reading many books with great aplomb, I could only finish one, but what a thoroughly enjoying and enthralling read it was! My first ever novel by Kazuo... Continue Reading →

What’s Left Of Me Is Yours

The things people do today to get a divorce! Can you imagine there is an entire industry in Japan devoted to breaking up marriages by seducing one of the partners into an affair? 'Wakaresaseya' or the practice of hiring professional homewreckers, is a convenient and trouble-free option for those seeking to divorce but choosing to... Continue Reading →

What Are You Going Through

'What are you going through?', a seemingly simple question but one that makes a world of difference. While honouring her dying friend's last wish, the author is forced to face and embrace the harsh truths of life hitherto overlooked but no longer avoidable. Without meaning to, she embarks on a quest to uncover the meaning... Continue Reading →

Love Your Life

When you've got yourself a Sophie Kinsella book, you know you're in for an incredible, hilarious, un-put-down-able, laugh out loud read! This is one of those authors whose books I look forward to eagerly and one of the few who never ceases to amaze me! As with all her previous books, I finished this one... Continue Reading →

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

It's been some time since I've lost myself in a crime thriller as good and absorbing as this one. As a part of her EPQ, when Pippa Fitz-Amobi sought to review the role of media in the events leading to Sal Singh's suicide following the murder of Andie Bell five years ago, little did she... Continue Reading →


It's 2051; a young woman named Marlow, is frantically running away from something, finally taking shelter in an apartment labelled 6D, where, to her surprise, she finds an envelope addressed to herself. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger and before we find out more about Marlow and what happens to her, the book cuts off... Continue Reading →

If I Had Your Face

I feel like I have just been to South Korea and back, all thanks to this stunning debut novel, "If I Had Your Face" by Frances Cha. Set in Seoul, the land of K - dramas and pop music, the book follows the lives of four young women - Ara, Sujin, Miho and Kyuri -... Continue Reading →

The Path Made Clear

The moment you lay hands on an Oprah Winfrey book, you know you're in for a deep, soulful read, that gently nudges you along a spiritual path and challenges you to rethink your way to the good life. For me, Oprah's books have always been a treasury of wisdom and this one is no different!... Continue Reading →

Such A Fun Age

This riveting debut novel by Kiley Reid first grabbed my attention when I saw Reese Witherspoon talk about it in her Insta Story. With a seemingly interesting plot and a cute front cover that literally screams 'fun, light & breezy', I settled on this hoping for a humorous and entertaining read that would help me... Continue Reading →

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