It's 2051; a young woman named Marlow, is frantically running away from something, finally taking shelter in an apartment labelled 6D, where, to her surprise, she finds an envelope addressed to herself. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger and before we find out more about Marlow and what happens to her, the book cuts off... Continue Reading →

If I Had Your Face

I feel like I have just been to South Korea and back, all thanks to this stunning debut novel, "If I Had Your Face" by Frances Cha. Set in Seoul, the land of K - dramas and pop music, the book follows the lives of four young women - Ara, Sujin, Miho and Kyuri -... Continue Reading →

Such A Fun Age

This riveting debut novel by Kiley Reid first grabbed my attention when I saw Reese Witherspoon talk about it in her Insta Story. With a seemingly interesting plot and a cute front cover that literally screams 'fun, light & breezy', I settled on this hoping for a humorous and entertaining read that would help me... Continue Reading →

A Woman Is No Man

On to book no. 44 of this year and I feel really fortunate to have read this incredible debut novel called "A woman is no man" by Etaf Rum.A heart wrenching read from start to finish this is a story about 3 generations of Arab women. Born in a conservative family and raised by her... Continue Reading →

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