Love Your Life

When you've got yourself a Sophie Kinsella book, you know you're in for an incredible, hilarious, un-put-down-able, laugh out loud read! This is one of those authors whose books I look forward to eagerly and one of the few who never ceases to amaze me! As with all her previous books, I finished this one... Continue Reading →

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

It's been some time since I've lost myself in a crime thriller as good and absorbing as this one. As a part of her EPQ, when Pippa Fitz-Amobi sought to review the role of media in the events leading to Sal Singh's suicide following the murder of Andie Bell five years ago, little did she... Continue Reading →

❤️ 5 Best Romance & Chicklit Books To Celebrate Valentine’s Day ❤️

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear book lovers! Like me, if you're spending this day curled up with a book, here are some perfect reads for the occasion. Check out these hilarious and heartwarming tales of love, my top 5 favourite reads, from some of the most amazingly talented authors in this genre! The best thing... Continue Reading →

~ Chasing Happiness ~

In yet another first, here's trying my hand at a weekly writing prompt; an opportunity presented by Mystic Poets. It was tough but an amazingly fun experience stretching my imagination, waiting for the thoughts to emerge and words to pour out and spread on to the paper.

Big Summer

We all have that one friend we are no longer in touch with for reasons best known to us, but we still think about them from time to time.  For Daphne Berg, Drue Cavanaugh was that one person she had extricated from her life long ago but not fully from her mind. When Drue barges... Continue Reading →

The Magical Language of Others

Mothers and daughters, they are a complicated lot, aren't they? They are the best of friends, harshest of critics, closest of confidantes, keeper of each other's secrets and much, much more. It is one of the most beautiful familial bonds that evolve at each stage of the relationship. My own relationship with my mother is... Continue Reading →


It's 2051; a young woman named Marlow, is frantically running away from something, finally taking shelter in an apartment labelled 6D, where, to her surprise, she finds an envelope addressed to herself. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger and before we find out more about Marlow and what happens to her, the book cuts off... Continue Reading →

If I Had Your Face

I feel like I have just been to South Korea and back, all thanks to this stunning debut novel, "If I Had Your Face" by Frances Cha. Set in Seoul, the land of K - dramas and pop music, the book follows the lives of four young women - Ara, Sujin, Miho and Kyuri -... Continue Reading →

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