Big Summer

We all have that one friend we are no longer in touch with for reasons best known to us, but we still think about them from time to time.  For Daphne Berg, Drue Cavanaugh was that one person she had extricated from her life long ago but not fully from her mind. When Drue barges into Daphne’s life after years of no contact, begging her to be her bridesmaid on her wedding day, Daphne is left feeling confused, cynical and hopeful, all at the same time.

Drue was everything Daphne was not and Daphne wanted to be. Back in school, Daphne both adored and worshiped her, hoping that being in Drue’s company would help her become the woman she wanted to be. But after a public humiliation involving Drue, Daphne had promised herself never to let anyone treat her like dirt again. Yet, after all these years, despite being older and wiser and successful as an Instagram Influencer with a massive fan following, Daphne still finds herself falling for Drue’s perilous charms. But like they say, sometimes even the best intentions cannot restore a broken friendship.

Jennifer Weiner has crafted an interesting read with very real characters that just carries you along from start to finish with no dull moments in between. Although it is a light and breezy read, Ms. Weiner has explored a range of issues such as fat – shaming, social media addiction, body acceptance, self love and power of female friendships without making it too preachy or heavy. I have been a huge fan of Jennifer Weiner after reading her emotionally engrossing ‘Mrs Everything’. Although this was a fun and satisfying read, it doesn’t quite leave a huge mark like her some of her previous works. Nevertheless, this was the perfect read for me since I was looking for a change of pace, having read back to back intense, tension – inducing novels and heavy philosophies.

One of the things I liked about this novel was how it was a complete package. What begins as an interesting beach read quickly turns into a thrilling murder investigation with enough plot twists to keep one engaged! 

So, if you’re in the mood for a feel-good, light read with a wonderful message, this is the one for you.

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